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Summer movies 2007

Summer is here, and they are advertising summer movies like crazy on tv. This year looks like the summer of threequel: Spiderman 3 (Which is already out), Sherk 3, Pirate of the caribbeans: At world’s end, Bourne ultimatum and Rush Hour 3. A few sequels ( 28 weeks later and fantastic four 2). And a pentalogy( Harry potter and the order of the phoenix). I haven’t seen spiderman 3 yet but what i’ve heard so far was that it wasn’t as good as the second one. I kind of knew it wouldn’t surpassed the sequel because they had three villians too many. I also heard that vermon didn’t have much time. I can’t say anything else since i haven’t seen it yet. But beside this, i think that this summer would be better than last summer. X-men 3 is the only movie i like from the previous summer. This year looks very promising. I’ll try to see all of movie i’ve mention if i can, but the movie that i predict to make alot of money overall would be shrek 3. So, If anyone that is reading seen spiderman 3, please post your review and what movie can’t you wait to see?

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