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Clocky: an invention

I saw this invention and thought it was cool. I went to the website(http://www.nandahome.com/) and saw that it cost almost $50.00. I mean i like her invention and i really think it will help people get off their bed but for that price i think i’ll just stick to a regular alarm clock.  She has to find a way to reduce the price before i consider buying it. I think college students would really love this invention but due to money issues they wouldn’t even think to buy it. Overall, Great idea, Good product, Pricing need to get down.

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Question: Is the world flat? Answer: I don’t know

I first saw”The View” incident  on Best Week Ever on VH1. It was very funny, extremely funny. I thought the Miss south carolina’s speech was funny but this blew it out the water. She obviously must be embrassed by this and now it’s on Youtube for everyone to see again and again. I heard that the next day on the show her explaination was that she wasn’t truly paying attention to their discussion. She zoomed out of the topic and thought of something else. She said that she’s a newbie and that she do know that the world is round.  I will accept that as a reasonable answer. We as human beings have all had a moment that we said something totally dumb that we either laugh at ourselves for it or curb into a ball and feel so embrassed or shameful about it. We should all be lucky that it wasn’t posted on Youtube for the world to see, so in that case I feel sorry for her. she probably would be reminded of this but she’ll get over it. I have to admit, everytime i watch it on youtube, i can’t help but to laugh. Someone, in this day of age, to think that she doesn’t know if the world is flat is like saying you don’t know if the sky is up or not. I guess this takes the cake till someone else says another dumb thing but i don’t think that anyone could beat this.

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The teenager that made MILLIONS!

Been a long time but i’m back and my latest entry is about a teenage girl who made a lot of money just by using the computer. I first heard this story on CNN and i was amazed by it. it shows that age doesn’t hinder you if you focus on success.  Her name is Ashley Qualls, the founder of whateverlife. When the website took off, she dropped out of high school. She was offered $1.5 million and a car(yet she doesn’t have a license), but turned it down. She has taken in more than $1 million and her only source of income so far is advertising.  Google Anlytics has stated that her Myspace page layouts has glued in more than 7 million individuals and 60 millions page views a month.  Her page number  is 349 ; ahead of 20 million sites. She’s  ahead of Americanidol.com, CBS.com, and even Oprah.com. So, how did she start her business? Well, at first it started as a hobby at first. she  did web-site design 8 years ago when she was 9. Then when she was 14 years old, she created a site to show off her design work. Afterward, she discovered how to customize Myspace pages. So many classmates asked her to design theirs that she began posting layouts on her site daily. In 2005, she got alot of traffic so she brought her own server with the money she made with Adsense.   Now, she’s self-employed and now  created an online magazine, and a cellphone wallpaper. This entrepreneur prove the fact that you can do anything if you  put your mind to it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or where you come from or whether you have connection or not( she started her businesss on her own), you can make your million!

UPDATE: the youtube clip could be viewed at youtube.com, keyword: Ashley Qualls

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