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School Bus Brawl: Who’s at fault?

After watching the youtube clip, who do you think is at fault. I heard that the teenage girl’s parents are suing the bus driver. I’m sorry but that girl is in the wrong. The bus driver’s job is to transport students to their home, if the bus driver did indeed let her get out of the bus, then her parents would be all over the driver for leaving their child instead of taking her home. The bus driver didn’t immediately attack her but instead simply asked her to sit down. the girl didn’t listen and that where the drama began. Listen very carefully at the end of the clip, the bus driver didn’t understand why no one would help her. You be the judge, who’s at fault, the bus driver or the teenage girl?

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Moment of Truth

There is this reality show on FOX called “Moment of Truth”. I saw this on the news and all i could say is poor guy. I wonder whether he would stay with her or not. I felt so bad for him and their family member.  The surprising thing was that when they asked her if she was a good person, her answer was yes.  I’m not here to judge anyone but at least the man now knows the truth about her. And as for her, she did tell the truth and maybe they both could work things out.  

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How I made my million$

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Razzie Awards Winner

Worst Picture:

I Know Who Killed Me


Worst Actor:

Eddie Murphy (as Norbit)


Worst Actress (TIE) :

Lindsay Lohan (as Aubrey) and

Lindsay Lohan (as Dakota)


Worst Supporting Actress:

Eddie Murphy (as Rasputia)


Worst Supporting Actor:

Eddie Murphy (as Mr. Wong)


Worst Screen Couple:

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
(as The Yang to Her Own Yin)

I Know Who Killed Me

Worst Remake Or Rip-off:

I Know Who Killed Me


Worst Prequel or Sequel:

Daddy Day Camp


Worst Director:

Chris Siverston

I Know Who Killed Me

Worst Screenplay:

I Know Who Killed Me

Written by Jeffrey Hammond

Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie:
(New Category!)

I Know Who Killed Me


“Wins” Per Picture:

(A New RAZZIE® Record!)
Worst Screen Couple, Horror Movie,
Screenplay, Director, Remake or Rip-Off,
Actress (2x), Picture

NORBIT = 3 Awards: (All “Won” by Eddie Murphy)
Worst Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor

Worst Prequel or Sequel

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Oscar flashback

Alot of people have already blog about the nominees and who would probably win the award, so i’m not going to do that. But i will instead show you a moment in last year’s oscar.  The youtube clip that i’ve just posted was the performance by the cast of dreamgirls. In 2007, three of the five songs that was nominated were from the movie Dreamgirls, so back to back each of the cast sang the songs. But the shocker that night was none of songs won an award, instead it went to a song from inconvenient truth.

  • Best Picture: The departed
  • Did you know: It’s the first(and only) remake of a foreign film to win Best picture
  • Best Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Best Original Screenplay:  Little Miss Sunshine
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Departed
  • Best Actor: Forest Whitaker- The last king of scotland
  • Best Actress: Helen Mirren- The Queen
  • Did you know: The real queen elizabeth(when she visited the white house) wanted to see helen mirren but couldn’t make it because she was filming her scene in the sequel of National Treasure.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin- Little Miss Sunshine
  • Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson- Dreamgirls
  • Did you know:  She’s the 3rd African American Female to win best supporting actress. the 1st was Hattie Mcdaniel and 2nd was Whoppi Goldberg.
  • Best Animated Feature: Happy Feet

UPDATE: The youtube clip no longer is avaliable, sorry.

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Movies Mistake

Here are some mistakes made in the top movies of 2007 list but isn’t on the youtube clips(those featured other movies).

10. Bridge to terabithia:- First day in class, when Hoager “beeps” at Jesse, Mrs. Myers writes two words. The word “verb” is over the word “subject” on the board, in the close-up. After she turns around, in the following shots, the word “predicate” appears, disappears, then reappears and “subject” is written over “verb” now. Additionally, during this scene, all the other writing on the blackboard changes between shots as well.

9. Stardust:-When Septimus attacks the redheaded farm boy, the position of his knife changes between shots, from the farm boy’s throat to behind his ear, several times.

8. 1408:-Mike fixes the boat painting, his hair and face are dry. He turns around and sits down and now he is all sweaty and with messy hair.

7. Meet the Robinsons:-In the scene where Lewis is tearing out the pages of his notebook, you can see that his bag is open. When he discovers that Wilbur is not a cop from the future -from the tanning salon coupon- he goes to grab his bag. This time his bag is closed and in the opposite position.

6. Why did i get married?- None was posted

5. Transformers:- At the very start of the movie, when the robots see Unicron coming towards them out of the window, if you look at the bottom of Unicron, his ring is shown in front of a building, instead of behind it.

4. Freedom writer:When Miss Gruwell and the students are discussing Junior year for the first time, she has her back turned and she is writing on the board. She writes, “First Person Nar”. Then she turns around. When the camera shows the board again, the board says, “First Person Narrative”

3. Harry potter and the order of the phoenix:- When Harry wakes up after dreaming about Mr. Weasley’s attack, you can see stubble on his neck. However, when he is in Dumbledore’s office and later in Snape’s, his face is clean shaven.

2. Grindhouse: Death Proof-We can see that Kim shot Mike to the forearm, just below the elbow. But when Mike later looks at his wounded arm, the blood spot and the wound is higher, much more above his elbow. And even before, when he is pouring alcohol on the wound, he pours it on the sleeve. As he is wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt, there’s no way that the sleeve would cover the wound below the elbow.

1. Ratatouille:-In the beginning when the crazy shotgun lady is after Remy and Emile, she knocks over the umbrella canister when she pulls out her shotgun. Watch for that canister as the scene progresses. It goes from being knocked over to being upright and back to knocked over during the scene.

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David Yates to Direct HP and the Deathly Hallows

you probably know David Yate directed the fifth potter movie which i chose as my third spot for movie of 2007, and he’s also directing the sixth one. Now, there’s news that he will be doing the last potter movie. Although i thought he did a great job on the fifth potter film, Another director would bring something new. He’s already done Hp and the half-blood prince so i thought that would be enough from him. If i was to choose a director to do the last film, it would be cuaron( director of Hp and the prisoner of azkaban), i think he’s the only director to made the harry potter series really interesting. Or, they should choose a new director because a new director would bring something fresh to the series.

Update:- Looking at the latest trailer, the film looks promising. Hopefully it will be a great movie, not just a great trailer yet not so great movie(like HBP). Time will tell.

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Spill.com on Spiderwick Chronicles

After seeing this review, i might just go out to see this movie in the theatre. At first i wanted to wait for it to come out on DVD. The movie looks like it was made for little kids but some scenes that they showed in the review looked quite scary. Based on a bestselling children’s book series by holly black and Tony Diterlizzi, the story is about three kids who battle magical creatures who are after a book(Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide.)

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Millionaire at the age of 14!

This is a true story, by the age of 14, Dr. Farrah Gray became a millionaire. He started by selling body lotion from door to door at six years old. He founded Farr-Out foods(specialty foods company) at age 14. Two years later, he sold the company for $1.5 million. This made him the youngest African-American to earn one million dollars. If you want to learn more about him, go to wikipedia and type his name in the search engine. It’s truly an interesting story. Hollywood should make a movie on his life.

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Fooled by Fool’s Gold?

I personally haven’t watched it and wasn’t planning on watching it but seeing this review was very funny. Watch( Warning: somethings they say might be a bit inappropriate and they bleeped their curse words so don’t worry about that). If anyone has seen it, could you comment on whether the reviewers were right or not.

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