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Top 10 movies of 2007

10. Bridge to terabithia:- I read the book years ago and still remember how the ending shocked me, and the movie did the same to non-reader(a relative of mine) as well. 

9. Stardust: i wasn’t expecting much when i saw this on DVD, but i was surprised by how interesting it was. It wasn’t a sappy love fantasy story, but a different kind of fantasy adventure movie. I loved how every character wanted the star for their own benefit.

8. 1408: A “stephen king’s book turned into a movie” that i could watch twice. it was very suspenseful and haunting.

7. Meet the robinsons:  Kids and parents should watch this movie. it has a very special message that everyone should apply in life( this is also true for my number 1 picked movie).

6. Why did i get married?- Funny, very funny movie by Tyler perry. This movie isn’t just for couples but everyone who wants a good laugh and Janet Jackson is in too, you can’t beat that.(this isn’t a 2007 movie but also go check out tyler perry’s daddy little girl. )

5. Transformers: i don’t need to explain why this movie rocks, you probably have seen it or a friend had told you to check it out. i heard they are writing a sequel to it.

4. Freedom writer: Based on a true story. Another movie that has a message and isn’t boring at all. Hilary swank did an excellent job and the cast were perfect in their role. some scenes were also funny too.

3. Harry potter and the order of the phoenix:- this HP movie gets better and better. Although i wouldn’t say this one was the best( that title still goes to Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban). my favorite scene was when harry, hermonie, ron, luna, ginny, and neville ran as shelves of crystal ball plummeted rapidly in the department of mystery. And another scene was when Hermonie misled umbridge into the forbidden forest and they met the centaurs.

2. Grindhouse: Death Proof– I chose this one because of how it ended. It’s one of the best ending in a movie ever. Watching the movie from the beginning, there’s alot of dialogue, but keep hanging on, try and finish the entire movie and you’ll see why i chose this as my #2 movie of 2007.

1. Ratatouille: Ah!, pixar has a winner. i personally  wasn’t a big fan of the incredibles and cars. finding nemo was alright, but the other pixar movie were great. Ratatouille is one that stand with the like of monster, inc. and toy story. the movie had a heart and it told the story in such a way that you feel like you’ve just experience something special.

I know there are other movies that are good that i didn’t mention but i think the one that i’ve listed should be view by everyone that love to watch a good movie. If you disagree with my pick, please comment so and why. you could also suggest a movie for me to see too.


February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Movie


  1. Transformers at 5th place and Order of the Phoenix at 3rd? Transformers has little value other than the effects, and OotP was good, but not that good. All the HP movies were good, but not ‘great’. I would definitely give Bridge to Terabithia and Stardust higher ranks. Bridge to Terabithia was particularly brilliant.

    Ratatouille was really good, but I don’t understand why so many people are selecting it as the best movie of the year. Oh well, I suppose they can see something I don’t…

    Comment by wikumsblog | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree with your #1 pic. Haven’t watched #s 2,4,6,8.
    This particular HP I wasn’t impressed with. It was alright. Or maybe they set the bar too high, I dunno.
    Transformers rocks! And my sentiments exactly withe Meet the Robinson’s. It looked too much like The Incredibles and we didn’t watch it on the theater but was pleasantly surprised when we saw it on DVD.
    LOVED Stardust! The Bridge to Terabithia I did not care much for the ending. I felt like it felll flat towards the end.

    Comment by greymom | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. I noticed none of the oscar nominated films are presented in your list. Well, not that it matters, I myself only liked two of them anyway. However, if you haven’t already watched Atonement and Juno, I recommand you to watch them. Atonement, while heavily a romance picture, has some great moments in it. I didn’t particularly like Juno, but I can see people finding it to be a good film. Ellen Page is very good in it too.
    *Death Proof, I found it too slow. The ending was fine but I don’t think it does a justice to a whole two hour running time. Planer Terror on the other hand, was just insanely fun!

    Comment by Sajabi | February 21, 2008 | Reply

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