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Movies Mistake

Here are some mistakes made in the top movies of 2007 list but isn’t on the youtube clips(those featured other movies).

10. Bridge to terabithia:- First day in class, when Hoager “beeps” at Jesse, Mrs. Myers writes two words. The word “verb” is over the word “subject” on the board, in the close-up. After she turns around, in the following shots, the word “predicate” appears, disappears, then reappears and “subject” is written over “verb” now. Additionally, during this scene, all the other writing on the blackboard changes between shots as well.

9. Stardust:-When Septimus attacks the redheaded farm boy, the position of his knife changes between shots, from the farm boy’s throat to behind his ear, several times.

8. 1408:-Mike fixes the boat painting, his hair and face are dry. He turns around and sits down and now he is all sweaty and with messy hair.

7. Meet the Robinsons:-In the scene where Lewis is tearing out the pages of his notebook, you can see that his bag is open. When he discovers that Wilbur is not a cop from the future -from the tanning salon coupon- he goes to grab his bag. This time his bag is closed and in the opposite position.

6. Why did i get married?- None was posted

5. Transformers:- At the very start of the movie, when the robots see Unicron coming towards them out of the window, if you look at the bottom of Unicron, his ring is shown in front of a building, instead of behind it.

4. Freedom writer:When Miss Gruwell and the students are discussing Junior year for the first time, she has her back turned and she is writing on the board. She writes, “First Person Nar”. Then she turns around. When the camera shows the board again, the board says, “First Person Narrative”

3. Harry potter and the order of the phoenix:- When Harry wakes up after dreaming about Mr. Weasley’s attack, you can see stubble on his neck. However, when he is in Dumbledore’s office and later in Snape’s, his face is clean shaven.

2. Grindhouse: Death Proof-We can see that Kim shot Mike to the forearm, just below the elbow. But when Mike later looks at his wounded arm, the blood spot and the wound is higher, much more above his elbow. And even before, when he is pouring alcohol on the wound, he pours it on the sleeve. As he is wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt, there’s no way that the sleeve would cover the wound below the elbow.

1. Ratatouille:-In the beginning when the crazy shotgun lady is after Remy and Emile, she knocks over the umbrella canister when she pulls out her shotgun. Watch for that canister as the scene progresses. It goes from being knocked over to being upright and back to knocked over during the scene.


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  1. Good Job. I would like to add one more. It comes from http://www.moviemistakes.com

    American Gangster

    Factual error: In a shot in Harlem, a Ford Econoline AVIS rental truck drives on the adjacent street. The specific Econoline van was at least a mid-90’s to 2000+ model van and the movie takes place in the 70s.

    Comment by leunhomme | February 21, 2008 | Reply

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