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Business idea: Kalawentz natural hair care products

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What’s It All About?
“A word from the owner”

Hello; Here’s the real deal about Kalawentz Naturals. My mother, Mary Bolar Washington, founded this company in 1982. It was her determination, drive, research and stick-to-it-ness that led to the recognition and respect our company enjoys today. With my mother, it was all about family, faith in God, imagination and empowering others in the black community. Today, Kalawentz Naturals continues to stand on those principles and more. We’re all about providing quality products and services: we’re all about encouraging, employing and inspiring black people to recognize the value to their lives;  we’re all about hard work and dedication to one’s dreams; we’re all about uplifting others to a place where they can be all they can be: we’re all about creating wealth and successfully transferring that wealth to future generations; we’re all about maintaining an attitude that lets you know that setbacks are just temporary situations that you can overcome; we’re all about being a black, family-owned and operated business that will remain that way. That’s just some of things we’re about. In summary, Kalawentz Naturals is all about a God-fearing, christian woman who had strong beliefs in her business abilities and the courage to act on those beliefs.

Twenty-five years ago, Mary Bolar Washington took that first step and never looked back. Against many odds and naysayers, determined to create a better life and future for her family, and the black community as well, she founded Kalawentz Naturals and the rest is history. She made her dream a reality. I say to you, never give up on your dreams because the possibilities are endless. I will continue to acknowledge, encourage and empower others to always broaden their horizons. My mother left quite a legacy and I am committed and determined to carry on her work. Her spirit lives on as:

Kalawentz Naturals, “The Best Kept Secret in Natural Black Hair Care” – “Now The Secret Is Out”




source: http://www.kalawentz.com/bbabout.html

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Young Millionaire: Joel Boblit

Joel Boblit, 29

  • Bigbadtoystore Inc.
  • Somerset, Wisconsin
  • Projected 2005 sales: Over $4 million
  • Description: Online toy retailer specializing in collectible action figures

Robo-biz: Joel Boblit parlayed nostalgia for his childhood toys into big-time business when he discovered how much Transformers–robot action figures whose popularity has continued since the 1980s–were being sold for online. He launched BigBadToyStore.com in 1999 shortly after graduating college, while he was reliving fond memories of trading his favorite childhood toys–GI Joe, Masters of the Universe and Transformers. The biggest challenge in those early days? Boblit admits: “Being teased by my friends.”

Parental guidance: While in college, Boblit sold action figures as a hobby for extra money, but when he decided to turn his hobby into a business, his parents supported him on all levels. They went heavily into debt to finance the business, and worked 100-plus-hour weeks alongside him for BigBadToyStore. Housing his inventory at one point, his parents had to create aisles in their home to navigate around the ceiling-high boxes. Says Boblit, “They have been instrumental throughout all this and worked just as hard as I did to keep it all together during the tough early years.”

Grade A service: BigBadToyStore caters to specialty toy buyers with vintage favorites like Star Wars figurines and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Boblit also branched out to comic- and movie-related items, earning loyal customers around the world. Serious collectors prize mint-condition toy packaging, so Boblit guarantees his toys by using a grading system to distinguish “standard grade” (mint or near-mint condition) from “substandard grade” packages. He also offers a premium packing service that ensures an item is in tiptop condition and handled with extra care when it’s shipped. Another big draw is the “Pile of Loot” function, which allows customers to stockpile items they’ve already paid for in a virtual storage bin. Upon the customer’s choosing, the company will ship out all the items at once, reducing shipping costs. Future plans include distribution to approved retailers, who can view volume pricing online. Boblit says, “We’ve got the competitive edge for convenience.”

source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9967767/page/4/

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