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Business idea: Johnny Cupcakes

After graduating from high school in 2000 John Earle went to college just for a few weeks. After he dropped out of college he started a pin business making random designs and selling them at hardcore shows and shops. Johnny even had a small group of kids that would buy pins from him wholesale and sell them at their schools. He had a database of shops that sold his pins. In addition to the pins, Johnny worked once or twice a week at a silk screening shop, as well at Newbury Comics. Almost every day when he went to work, John was given a different completely random nicknames. “Johnny Appleseed”, “Johnny Coffeecakes”, “Johnny Cupcakes”, “Johnny Pancakes”, etc… While working at the silk screening shop making t-shirts for the metal hardcore band he use to be in (On Broken Wings). He decided to make a few shirts that said “Johnny Cupcakes” on them for the fun of it.

More on his story, go to this website: http://www.johnnycupcakes.com/the_story

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Business idea: Rap-Up

Rap-Up was founded by Devin Lazerine when he was 15 years old as an after-school hobby;  the magazine was an online compendium of hip hop news, gossip and top-ten music lists. After listening to the song “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill at the age of 10, he wanted to be in the music industry but “wasn’t able to sing or rap, so that wasn’t an option”. Several days after launching the website, Devin decided to pitch the idea of a magazine to select publishers; the next day, a publisher from H&S Media expressed interest in the concept. Devin worked with his brother Cameron to create the magazine, and decided it would be for a young audience, in particular the 14 to 28 demographic.  The magazine’s first issue was published by H&S Media in 2001; however, the company went bankrupt shortly after publishing the first issue,  which sold 200,000 copies.  Rap-Up was resurrected in 2003 by Total Media Group as an insert in the magazine Urban Teen Scene.  The insert attracted media attention—mainly because of the brothers’ age and race—in USA Today and The Los Angeles Times.

The brothers began working on a third issue in 2004, without the backing of a publishing company. The largest advertisers were ring tone providers, while others included the Navy, clothing labels, videogames, Sony, Black Entertainment Television and Reebok. The editorials were written by 10 journalism students, and the photos were contributed by publicists. Art director Ian Lynam, who designed the magazine, sent everything online from Japan. The issue was released in March 2005, and cost $35,000 to produce. It featured singer Chingy on the cover,  and 80,000 copies were distributed around the world. Beginning with the eleventh issue, which was published in summer 2008, Lynam redesigned the magazine’s cover and contents. The main reason for the redesign was the change from a younger target audience to an older and more sophisticated one. Lynam felt the facelift “imbue[d] it with a more demure and cosmopolitan aesthetic.”

The magazine is not audited, and is sold in more than 20 countries. In the U.S., the magazine is sold by Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Borders Group and Tower Records. Devin calls Rap-Up “a magazine for Generation Y by Generation Y”.  He serves as a writer, publisher and editor in chief, and oversees editorial content and advertising sales. Cameron works as publisher and assistant editor, and is in charge of printing, production, distribution and shipping of the magazine. In 2008, the magazine released a handbook entitled, Rap-Up: The Ultimate Guide to Hip-Hop and R&B, which was published by Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group. The book chronicles the history of hip hop, and features a foreword by rapper T.I.- (source: wikipedia.org)

More about the rap-up: http://www.islavista-arts.org/docs/rap_up_magazine_in_Isla_Vista.PDF

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Entrepreneur: Richard Branson

watch “lesson on success” at http://mauthor.weebly.com/ (click the “blog zone” area)

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Business Idea: Dirty Coast

Video: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/living/2009/02/20/sbs.success.in.the.wind.cnn

website: http://www.dirtycoast.com/home.php

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Business idea : kogi

Kogi : An idea born from late night hunger.

We take the taste of Korean BBQ and fuse it with select spices to create some of the most unique and savory bites in LA.  We’re always on the go, which means we’ll be updating our new locations soon and you can always find us live on Twitter. Fusing the taste of Korean BBQ and the portability of tacos and burritos together doesn’t magically happen. In case you were wondering, here are the people who make all of this possible.

Mark Manguera
Mark is not only the founder of Kogi, but also our front man. With his presence and gift of gab, he opens doors for us that would otherwise be closed. Without him, Kogi may never have become more than a random idea after a late night out on the town. It was Mark’s initiative and intuitive business sense that brought everything together.

Having worked in some of the most prestigious five star hotels in Los Angeles and achieving the title of Food and Beverage director before the age of 30, Mark has the pedigree of a world class restaurateur.

Caroline Shin-Manguera
Caroline is second in command and the one that handles the finances.  Caroline is responsible for keeping our daily operations in line and running smoothly. So that one day we can all become rock stars of the LA late night eating scene.

If you’ve ever been to the Four Seasons at Beverly Hills, you most likely have met Caroline. With her personable demeanor and persistence, Caroline has worked her way up from working in the kitchen at the Omni Hotel to the Food and Beverage Manager at the Four Seasons at Beverly Hills. With her experience, Caroline’s business acumen is as sharp as her chef’s knives which has given her the nickname “Ginsu.”

Roy Choi
Though Mark may have envisioned the idea, it’s Roy’s creativity and culinary talent that makes our food so special. Nothing puts a bigger smile on Roy’s face than creating food that people genuinely enjoy eating. With the goal of creating the very best food he possibly can, no criticism or suggestion goes unheard.

Roy’s list of experience is so long it reads like an encyclopedia. Top of his class at the Culinary Institute of America, Roy started out cooking at Le Bernardin in New York and was the only American to ever work in Iron Chef Michiba’s kitchen. Of his most recent endeavors, he has worked as the chef de cuisine at the Beverly Hilton, executive chef at Trader Vic’s, and opened Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City. As we like to say at Kogi, “Roy’s got flavor in his finger tips!”

Alice Shin
As a writer and food geek, Alice is in charge of PR and getting the word out to the blogging community. Her philosophy on great food is to get it to the people from the ground up. Whether it’s through word-of-mouth or writing short blurbs over the internet, she is in the midst of promoting our humbly fierce truck on the web all the way from New York City.

Alice currently writes for the Greenpoint Gazette and Eats.com while trucking along at attaining her masters in writing and food studies at New York University. When she’s not working, she’s probably conducting serious research. Others might classify this research as “eating,” but hey, who’s to judge?

Eric Shin
As the youngest of the bunch, Eric is the padawan in training. Addicted to the taste of Kogi, Eric works for free food and helps out as much as he can in the kitchen when not taking pictures. Not quite yet the suave business man, Eric works mainly on the creative side by snapping photos and organizing this site as well as the MySpace and Facebook profiles.

Having graduated film school, Eric likes to take a cinematographic approach to his photos and loves to create drama and mood. He loves to take candids of people working and really wants to share the energy and love that binds Kogi together with the rest of the world through pictures. Currently, Eric works as a videographer and video editor for the website, Tom’s Hardware.

Mike Prasad
Is the Brand Director and New Media Consultant, Mike is responsible for giving Kogi a name, a look, and a twitter. He focuses on building Kogi’s presence, presentation and culture not only on the streets but also online in the social media world utilizing tools like Twitter, Qik, and other coolness.

Mike’s background is in the web and social media. He loves building brands and leveraging social media. It’s all about engagement and interaction for him. His most recent endeavor is launching GirlGamer and consulting for a few select awesome companies such as Kogi, Black Card Circle, and others.

Andrew Seely
Working along side Mike, Andrew is part of the New Media team. Always finding new and exciting ways of getting the brand out there for people to enjoy. He can often be found hanging around the truck brainstorming up the latest and greatest ideas for how to get Kogi mentioned on blogs, in newspapers and other forms of media, both traditional and new.

A jack of all trades he brings knowledge of blogging, design, social media as well as a love for food to the table. If he’s not stuffing his face with Chef Roi’s latest creation, you can usually find him talking about movies, music, video games, poker or all things on the internet. If you see him at the truck be sure to ask him if he’s mastered the unicycle yet. Which he probably hasn’t. Follow Andrew on twitter.

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