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Business Idea: NeopetsFanatic.com

Chloe Spencer is a 17 year old blogger who has been blogging about the hugely popular kids site Neopets for over two years. Some pages of her blog, NeopetsFanatic.com, sport more than 5000 comments. Chloe monetizes her page 1 Google rankings and 11,000 daily pageviews into cold hard cash with Google AdSense. She’s a busy girl and only blogs once or twice a month, but still she makes between $10 and $40 per day — money while she sleeps! Early this year, Chloe launched her newest blog, QuizFanatic.com, full of personality tests for teenage girls, such as “How Boy Crazy Are You?”

Chloe has spoken at BlogHer, SMX West, Ypulse and DMA08. She has presented a science experiment live on Denver’s 9News to an estimated 1.2 million viewers. She also appeared on the Bay Area’s ABC7 News as part of their coverage of the BlogHer conference. Chloe is an aspiring documentary filmmaker who lived in New Zealand for eight years, returning to Wisconsin last year, where she resides with her parents and two sisters.


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