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Business Idea: Cupcake Stop

Article from his website: http://www.cupcakestop.com/
What do you get when you combine a recent law school grad, a bad economy and an entrepreneurial spirit? New York’s First Mobile Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe.

CupcakeStop is the brainchild of Lev Ekster, an honors student who graduated law school in the Spring of 2009. Frustrated with the legal job market, Lev decided to take an unlikely path. With the support and financial push of friends and family, he set out on a journey to put the conventional cupcake market on its head.

First came the cupcake. After months of scouting bakers and sampling countless different recipes, Lev hired a talented team with impressive culinary training and years of professional baking experience.

Next came the location. Instead of being limited to a brick and mortar location and wanting to share the delicious creations with everyone, CupcakeStop was born.

The simply sweet idea spawned a cultural phenomenon.

Within a year’s time, CupcakeStop has grown to a second cupcake truck on the South Street Seaport, a retail location in the new Limelight Marketplace and a new bakery in Montclair, New Jersey. We are also proud to be the first cupcake bakery to offer both international and national shipping. And while CupcakeStop expands, its goals remain the same: bake delicious cupcakes from scratch and serve them with friendly service, with any leftovers donated to City Harvest to feed the less fortunate.

Stop by any of the convenient locations and experience what everyone is raving about.


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