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Young Millionaire: Matt Mickiewicz

written by yaro
Matt is the co-founder of one of the very first online forums I spent some time on, SitePoint.com, which today is a massive web community and information site.

Sitepoint became a near-daily visit for me when I was focusing on buying and selling websites. The Sitepoint forums contained a marketplace which became the leading place to buy and sell websites. This section of the community was recently separated into its own site, Flippa.com, which is by far the premier destination for website flipping and has tons of listings and cool features for those interested in buying or selling websites.

Matt and his team recently launched the innovative 99Designs.com service, which is a fantastic idea, linking people who need design work done, with freelance designers. You can submit a project to 99Designs and in a matter of days have up to as many as a hundred potential designs to choose from. You pick the best design, who “wins” the payment for the job, and you get the design.

All three of these sites are tremendously successful, and as a result Matt has established himself as a leading player in the web development community online.

In this interview Matt takes us back to the very beginning of his online success story, starting with his first website created when he was just 15 years old. Matt found himself on the phone closing $10,000 advertising deals in between classes at school, earning enough to buy himself a new BMW with cash by the time he was just 16.

This is an incredible story of big time online success, yet Matt still works from his home office in Vancouver. His business partner lives in Melbourne, where they have an office and team, and there’s also a smaller office and team in San Francisco.

If you’re thinking big with your online business, this is definitely an interview to listen to. Matt reveals how his sites have grown large, how they test different methods to make money and what today is their largest income stream.

source: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/2873/matt-mickiewicz/

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