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Business Idea: Squinkies

BuySquinkies.org is now up and running to give information about the popular toy that became a hit among children. Prepare to give this wonderful toy to your kids by getting educated about what Squinkies are through this very informative website.

A new website, Buy Squinkies, was just launched to provide information about a popular toy that can be the ideal gift to many children this Christmas.

Buy Squinkies was created to provide information about Squinkies Toys, a new toy that launched this 2010 and became a smash hit among children. The website aims to give more information to parents and those people who are interested in Squinkies toys. There are articles and links to resources that tell in detail what Squinkies toys are and the special qualities that they have. There are also videos that show how Squinkies are played.

Squinkies toys are small dolls and pet figures that are soft or squishy to the touch. They are collectibles that come in colorful characters that are very much loved by children. The characters vary from animals such as kittens, puppies, ponies, bunnies, to dolls and other cute figures. Each Squinkies figure is enclosed in a plastic bubble wrap upon purchase. Every figure can be used in all play sets and can also be used as pencil toppers.

A review from a buyer of Squinkies said, “They are unique and very handy, which will surely endear them to your young child’s heart.”

They were created and manufactured by Blip Toys and released to the market in July 2010. The pilot set had 16 collectible figures. At the moment, there are 96 collectible figures along with a number of play sets and accessories that are sold separately. This November 2010, there will be a new series that will be launched to be added to the Squinkies collection.

Christmas is just around the corner which means kids are asking Santa for Squinkies as their gift. “The unprecedented demand shows that children are very fond on these new toys, which they can use in many different ways according to their age and personal interests, “ according to the Squinkies Toys manufacturers. With this, Buy Squinkies are providing a link on where to buy Squinkies online which makes searching for the popular toy a little bit more convenient.


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