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Business Idea: Delicious Bite

source: http://www.celebritydialogue.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=225:susana-cabrera-the-brain-behind-qdelicious-biteq&catid=41:any&Itemid=49
Susana Cabrera of Delicious Bite talks to CelebrityDialogue.com about her Hispanic food products that are catching the imagination and taste buds of the people all across.

CelebrityDialogue: Welcome Susana. Please tell us about your educational background.
Susana: I have a Law degree and a Masters in Corporate and Tax Law. Passionate, self and result driven multicultural Entrepreneur and Executive, with extensive domestic and international experience in general management, sales and marketing, business and product development, operations and finance.

CelebrityDialogue: What were you doing before starting the “Delicious Bite” brand?
Susana: I work for Corporate America, I have over 15 years of business experience with international and Fortune 500 companies. Confident of my entrepreneurial capabilities and strong business skills, I decided to pursue a life long dream of creating and growing my own business.

CelebrityDialogue: How and when did you start producing Delicious Bite products?
Susana:The idea was born in 2005 and since that point brand creation and product development started to take shape. Delicious Bite was legally incorporated at the end of 2006 and products started to be available at grocery retail stores/chains in 2007.

CelebrityDialogue: Tell us about some of the main products?
Susana: We specialize in frozen Latin American appetizers/meals, we currently have four (4) products under the Delicious Bite registered brand in the grocery retail market.
Our first and most popular product is our Tequenos (Bread Cheese Sticks), that are made with a unique artisan dough that is then used to wrap the delightful Hispanic White Cheese-Queso Blanco. When heated, the cheese keeps its unique creamy consistency and the Tequenos are crispy and delightful to the bite. Discover Tequenos, a one-of-a-kind Latin favorite.
Pandebono/Bread Cheese Rolls, are an excellent gluten-free bread alternative. They are a tasty blend of tapioca and corn starch, Hispanic white cheese and butter that creates a Latin favorite that’s sure to captivate your family and friends. Excellent for lunch, dinner, as a snack, or to accompany coffee, tea, or a hot cocoa.
Easy Dough/Artisan Dough Disc,for the famous empanadas, this is such a great product that your imagination is the limit, you simply choose the filling of your preference and you have a quick, easy and healthy meal.
Ready Dough/Lasagna Noodle, no precooking needed, pre-cut noodle sheets that save your time and make your lasagna preparation enjoyable.

CelebrityDialogue: What about the ingredients?
Susana: Our products are made with the best quality ingredients; our goal is to provide a healthy but tasty alternative, as I always say “a treat without the guilt”. There is no trans fat or artificial coloring in our products, we use only the freshest ingredients, as we want to make sure the whole family can enjoy the easy to prepare snack; appetizer or meal.

CelebrityDialogue: What was the primary motivation behind this idea?
Susana: The motivation was to bring the authentic Latin American/Hispanic flavor in a very appealing package, with gourmet quality, easy to understand by the American consumer, so that non-Hispanic and Hispanic consumers could enjoy the brand. We bring a brand to the market that is tasty and a healthy alternative, 100% made in the USA and at an affordable price.
I will also like to add that Delicious Bite is not only a brand, it is a Food Manufacturing company and we are creating job opportunities. The Manufacturing Industry has always been key in contributing to the economy’s recovery, as for every 8 jobs that are created in manufacturing 6 other jobs outside are generated.

CelebrityDialogue: What difficulties and challenges did you face initially?
Susana: Our biggest challenge has been brand recognition and marketing, as they get the products to be known to people. As a small company we have and continue to be very creative in order to build the brand. We do direct marketing at the stores where the products are available, offer coupons for next purchase, use Facebook, Twitter, local adds, participate in foods shows in the area, partner with local organizations, and most important the word of mouth. Our customers have been very supportive in spreading the word as they really enjoy the product and know that we are a small company with a great product making a difference in the community as we are creating job opportunities and bringing to the market excellent quality products.

CelebrityDialogue: How do you differentiate Delicious Bite from other competing brands?
Susana: Our biggest differentiator is that our brand brings the Hispanic cuisine in a package that is appealing and friendly. Our products are of gourmet quality and we provide a healthy alternative, so I believe the combination of all those factors makes Delicious Bite the brand of choice for the Hispanic appetite.

CelebrityDialogue: Which target market does your product cater to?
Susana: Our products cater from kids to adults. Kids love the flavor and it is a fun snack or meal alternative. Adults enjoy the fact that our products are easy and fast to prepare, and they can treat their families and entertain their friends as well. Our products are great for all occasions. We target the non-Hispanic and the Hispanic consumer that wants to enjoy a real treat without the guilt.

CelebrityDialogue: What is the distribution and delivery mechanism?
Susana: We currently have distribution in the North East and the South West Region through grocery retail stores, and we are growing rapidly into other regions.
We also serve restaurants, hotels, casinos and other food service customers whom we distribute directly or through food distributors.

CelebrityDialogue: How do you compare the pricing?
Susana: Our pricing is very affordable as our goal is that every family/consumer can enjoy our products. Compared with other similar products our brand (in quantity and quality) has the best price.

CelebrityDialogue: Which outlets or stores carry Delicious Bite products?
Susana: Delicious Bite products are available in over 1000 grocery stores in the USA. In the North East you can find our product in the frozen isle at: Giant Supermarkets, Stop and Shop Supermarkets, Shurfine Supermarkets, several small grocery stores in the New Jersey; Philadelphia, New York area.
In the South West our products are available in the frozen isle at: Fiesta Mart Supermarkets, Food Town Supermarkets, Foodorama Supermarkets, Elro , Rice Epicurean and growing.

CelebrityDialogue: How big is the production plant and where is it located?
Susana: Delicious Bite seats on a 17,000 sq/feet facility fully certified by FDA and Department of Agriculture, it is located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

CelebrityDialogue: Do you have any new and exciting business or expansion plans in the pipeline?
Susana: Absolutely, we have a very robust pipeline and in the next 3 month the brand will be available in 4 more grocery chains that have already approved our products. Three new products will be added to our product offerings in the coming month. Also, we are expanding our business by serving as the platform to bring other quality Hispanic/Latin American products to the USA market. Our goal is to become the leading company in the Hispanic appetite.

CelebrityDialogue: Why do you think those who haven’t tried Delicious Bite should go for it now?
Susana: Because our products are unique, tasty and we guarantee that once you try them they become part of your grocery list. But nothing is more powerful than a customer feedback like: “me and my family absolutley fell in LOVE with the cheese rolls….the sweet yet cheesesy rolls..OMG..they are a HAVE TO HAVE in our freezer…for snacks..for appetizers..and for side dishes…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up the greAT food!!!”

CelebrityDialogue: Do you have anything else to say to our audience?
Susana: Yes, I will also like to highlight that even if we are a small company, for us, it is essential to contribute to supporting organizations which help families that are in need. For that purpose Delicious Bite donates, twice a year, products to the food banks so that these families can also enjoy a tasty treat that put a smile in their face for a better tomorrow.

Your audience are most welcome to visit our website at http://www.delicious-bite.com.

CelebrityDialogue: Thank you so much. It was a pleasure

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