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Review on House Trap by Mike Mauthor

A blog called “A Journey with Books” recently post a review of House Trap. Besides reading the actual review at that site you should also check it out in general: http://debasishray19.blogspot.in/ . Thanks again Debasish Ray Mohapatra for the post.

WARNING:- This review has a major spoiler and reveal the twist of House Trap.

About story:
The story started with a cool and chill night. Everyone was preparing themselves for the upcoming Christmas. A little boy, just 10 years old, named Nicolas was staring at the sky and imagining about those gifts he’d be going to get for this Christmas. But all of a sudden mishap happened in his house that night. Nicolas found both of his parents murdered inside the house.
After 30 years, the same scenario happened again. But this time it was about Rachel who went to Alicia’s house as a tutor and had to spend a night there which was against her decision. Alicia’s father was the inventor of house trap and a well renowned person for his invention. But that night unfortunately, Alicia’s parents were absent inside the house. Two intruders, one of them was Jay Alicia’s friend and another one was Scott entered to house for some money. They both killed Alicia and tried to kill Rachel and Alicia’s brother Nathan and little sister Amy.

But the story looked most interesting, when you will get to know that Alicia’s father was no other than Nicolas, a person who went through these incidents at his tender age and invented house trap for the safety purpose. Now his invention worked as curse for his family. As the house trap was activated no one was able to come outside of that house including murderers and innocent kids. And after finishing the story I am sure that the whole drama was with full of suspense and actions and also thrilled you.
For me: What I liked about this story was finally Rachel learnt a lesson about life, freedom and realized that family & friends are much more important than just a good college and a degree.
The story was well plotted just like sequences of picture frames and it was smooth and a well thrilled story. I enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to keep checking this blog for any further news on the sequel to House Trap titled Fiery Trap. Take care and I hope you come here again soon:) House Trap is available on amazon, barnes and noble, kobo, sony, and smashwords.

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