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Upcoming interview with Lorna Suzuki, the author of Imago Chronicle series


Mark your calendar, people. On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, i will post the wonderful interview i had with Lorna Suzuki, the author of Imago Chronicles series. Her books has been optioned into a major motion picture and she will discuss briefly about that too. If you love to read fantasy novel and you are itching to read a new adventure then please check out this author( her website:http://web.me.com/imagobooks/IMAGO_FANTASY_REALM/Welcome.html) but you’ll learn more about her in the upcoming interview. Here’s a sneak peak of some questions i asked her:

-Which book in the Imago Chronicles series was the easiest to finish and which one did you struggled with?

-Besides your character, and if this was possible: Which fictional character would you like to sit down and chat with?

-First of all, congratulations on your books getting optioned with a major motion picture. Will you be involved in the production in any way?

-Who would be your dream cast to play the protagonist in the movie? How about the other characters, who would you like to play their role?

Inform others that would love to read fantasy novels, this author is one not to miss and it’s alway good to read the books first before the possiblity of viewing the movie. Again, the interview will be on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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