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Funny Clips from “Jimmy Kimmel”

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Spill.com: What happens in Vegas/ Speed Racer

Website(what happens in Vegas): http://www.whathappensinvegasmovie.com/

Website(speed Racer): http://speedracerthemovie.warnerbros.com/


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Funny clips from MAD TV(Part III)

watch?v=R3dAwIHqwOE&feature=related The first clip makes fun of destiny’s child( back in the day when they decided the group should be three instead of four)


watch?v=2wMdWhLosVA&feature=relatedwatch? The second clip is angela and she’s trying to get president bush to sign something that would ban her from doing her assignment.


watch?v=P5_Z7GiuXYw  The third clip is parody of the real informercial on the natural cure book. the health book that wasn’t as helpful as it claims.

The Last clip stars the most talented cast of MAD TV, Debra wilson, as Bunifa. “Bunifa on regis show” watch?v=whNeZaaPRD4


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