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Business Idea: Just Salad

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Our Story
Just Salad began with a simple question.
Why is there such a shortage of healthy fast food?
Nick Kenner and Rob Crespi were tired of the options available to them for lunch in
midtown Manhattan. So, instead of continuing to settle, they set off to develop a
restaurant concept that would serve a healthy, fast, and creative alternative. To make
sure that Just Salad would serve only the best salads in the world, Nick and Rob
sought the expertise of Chef Laura Pensiero.
Already world-renowned for her inventive and nutritious cooking, Chef Laura joined
Just Salad after founding Chef4Life, a provider of healthy and delicious solutions for
life-long improvements in diet while still stressing the importance of enjoying food.
She guaranteed Nick and Rob that Just Salad would stay true to its mission: offering
a meal that would be both healthy and delicious. (See the”Chef Laura” tab for her full
story.) Chef Laura designed the Just Salad menu from front to back, creating 27
unique dressings and 11 enticing combinations of toppings now known as Just Salad’s
Chef Designed Salads.
In May of 2005, after two years of research and preparation, Just Salad opened its
doors to the public on 51st and Park Avenue in New York City. It was an immediate
sensation. Such a sensation, in fact, that a sister store opened only eight months later
at 134 West 37th street.
Every detail of Just Salad was thought out carefully. Customers enjoy everything
from the food to the music to the environmentally friendly bowls. Shipments of fresh
ingredients are delivered every morning, so our patrons are happy knowing that they
are getting the freshest possible meal.
When you’re eating at Just Salad, you’re eating well.

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