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Movies I liked in 2006

This year has been alright when it comes to movies. But here are the movies that i thought were good although i didn’t see all the movie that came out in 2006.

1. End of the spear:-  a true story of a missionary family that went to south america. 

2. Akeelah and the bee:- a 11-year-old girl had to overcome alot of obstacles to win the National Spelling Bee. I know, this sounds boring but the movie is really good.  there’s a twist in the end that i don’t think anyone watching this film would have guess it.

3. X-men 3: the last stand:-what it lacks in character development or plot-driven, it gain in action. i personally thought the two X-men movies didn’t have enough action.  Although i didn’t like the death of a certain head person( i wouldn’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it), the others death didn’t surprise me.  The first good mutant to die( you know who if you watch it) was doing another movie (superman)at the same time they were making x-men 3, so they limited his role in the film. Although i didn’t like how they ended the series, i thought it was the most exciting x-men of the three. Storm, wolverine, ice-man, and even shadowcat finally showed their power in the way it was meant to be shown. This was the best summer movie of 2006.

4. Snakes on a plane:- I know, what the heck am i thinking. If you leave logics out the door and watch this movie, it was actually fun and entertaining. After hearing all the publicity about it, i thought that it was another average to bad movie. But after watching it, i actually liked it, some parts were very funny.  If you are have some kind of snake phobia, then stay far away from this movie as possible because some of the death scenes weren’t pleasant. 

5. The pursuit of happyness:- Another true story that i truly believe every human being should watch. Every school should show this to students and learn what it takes to be successful in life. You probably already know what this movie is about(but if you don’t type the title on any search engine). Will Smith did an excellent job and he would be my choice for winning the oscar if forest wasn’t in that category. His son, surprisely, did great and at time was very funny. There are kids  in movies that are just annoying( like the kid in the mummy returns) but will smith’s son did fantastic. The academy should have nominated him for best supporting actor, that how well i thought he did.

6. Feast:-  Although i don’t watch alot of horror films( due to most of them are cliche), feast brings something different to the table. it broke all the rules and that’s why it made the list.  The people you think would live died. The introduction of the movie was a bit annoying. After the wierd introduction of the character in the movie, thing got interesting.  I thought the ending could have been a bit better and at the end, someone died that i wished didn’t  because his/her attitude of what was going on in the movie was indifferent and i’ve never seen such a character in any  horror film.

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The new HP title

harry_potter_stamps.jpg Is it me or is the title of the new harry potter book seems, for a lack of better word, “Weak” for the final series. I just wanted to check something out on Amazon.com and i saw that the book is number one(surprise, surprise). I just thought that the author could have come up with something better than this. “Goblet of fire, order of the phoenix, and half-blood prince” had a ring of excitement to it. “Deathly Hallow” just leave me with “okay, how the heck does those two words come together”. I have to say the best title for me was “half-blood prince” but story-wise it wasn’t my favorite.  I thought that the last book would refer to voldermort like Harry potter and the voldermort’s ….., something along those lines since he had to face him anyways. If anyone is reading this, first could you tell me what your favorite title of HP series(doesn’t matter if you read the book or not, just the one that sound exciting to you), and what do you think of the last title?

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Hello world!

An interesting title to start off my first ever blog. i read other people’s blogs and i thought it was time for me to put in my two cent in current event, and other matters. Sad News this on thursday as you all probably have seen on the television(i saw it online) that Anne Nicole smith has indeed died. At first i thought it was a sick joke. i didn’t understand why someone would post that but it really is true. I can’t imagine the grief that her family members and her friends must be feeling.And especially that poor child. I hope everyone put her in their prayers.

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